Red Light Therapy

Nuna Ultra Red-Light Therapy

Nuna is an advanced anti-aging medical device, making Facial skin treatments easy. Nuna ultra can be used at any time on any skin type and combined with any skincare for quick and effective rejuvenating results. Treat multiple signs of aging, skin electricity, scars, rosacea, pigmentation, acne and more.

This medical-grade technology reaches through the layers of skin to renew cell turnover in safe and pain-free method. Results in a few minutes of treatment, with no downtime.

What does it do?

Our new red-light therapy provides 633nm wavelength of red light and 830nm wavelength of infAra-red light which stimulates the mitochondria in our cells. These very precise wave lengths of light help the mitochondria in our cells to produce energy more efficiently, resulting in enhanced collagen production.

What can it work on?

Expression Marks:

Nuna offers effective solutions that minimize expression wrinkles and englarged pores.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles:

Nuna’s anti-aging solutions achieve maximum results for all areas of the facial skin and all skin types.


Treats puffiness and under the eye bags for clearer and better-looking skin.

Also works to decrease muscle fatigue, minimize delayed onset muscle soreness, improve mood, reduces inflammatory pain, promotes wound healing, reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Helps to reduce the appearance of sun damage, rosacea and acne.

Before and after on Facial:


1 session $250
2 body parts $450
10 sessions $1250
(can be completed on anywhere on your body)