Optimi Supplements

Optimi is functional mushroom supplement that is transforming the supplement industry. With products made from the highest quality fruiting body mushrooms. Optimi Supplements are science-backed supplements that are clean, powerful and effective. Using the best mushrooms sourced from industry-leading partners, we prioritize fruiting-body mushrooms to maximize active compounds. Our products will optimize your health and increase performance of your body and mind.

We use 5 different kinds of mushrooms, Cordyceps – good for Energy and Stamina, Lion’s Mane – good for Memory and Cognition, Chaga – antioxidant, Turkey Tail – Provide immune support, Reishi – boost relaxation. Every Optimi Product contains nutrient-dense fungi, extracted from the whole fruiting body. That means super-charged benefits for your body and mind.

Mushrooms are complex in nature and difficult to cultivate at scale. The process of extracting potent, active compounds from mushrooms is intricate. Optimi works exclusively with premium suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used in every product.

the fruiting body

Optimi ingredients are sourced from the mushroom’s fruiting body (see Fig. A). These fruiting bodies contain the greatest concentration of active compounds that deliver the amazing benefits of mushrooms. It’s the fruiting body that’s studied and utilized for health, wellness and medicine throughout the world.

Optimi Perform: The Perform capsules are here to elevate, heighten and strengthen. Cordyceps is known to deliver energizing compounds, reduce fatigue and improve oxygen utilization to help you go harder and longer in all of life’s pursuits.

Optimi Formulation: This perfect stack of cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga, reishi and turkey tail delivers a potent dose of functional benefits for your whole body and mind. Formulated with mushrooms most known for their powerful immune supporting, stress fighting, age-fighting antioxidants and brain boosting properties. Meet your daily mushroom complex.

Optimi Mindful: Conscious, focused, sharp. Lion’s mane is known as an effective brain boosting natural drug and reputed for its ability to enhance cognitive function, memory, and mind clarity. Try Mindful to optimize your flow state.

Optimi Longevity: Information overload. Competing priorities. Stress is ubiquitous. Our reishi formulation can dial back the intensity and help get you into a calm, relaxed state. Increase resistance to stress and experience the mood boosting benefits of Longevity.

Optimi Immunity: The immune system is complex and requires balance do its job protecting against disease and illness. Let’s be honest – we all try to make conscious lifestyle decisions, but sometimes we need a little help. Our turkey tail formulation does the immune supporting heavy lifting for you.

Optimi Defence: The Defence capsules are your protector and fighter. Chaga is known to deliver age-fighting antioxidants, immune support and anti-inflammation benefits. Our chaga formulation will help keep you resilient, fresh and in the game.